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Private Lessons

Private Lessons

All our Language instructors and some of our Special Interest instructors offer private lessons, which may be scheduled based on the students’ needs. We also offer private Tutoring for almost any academic subject. These lessons are open to people of all ages and levels.

Language Classes

Language Classes

SJLC offers over a dozen foreign language classes to help you communicate in the language of your choice. Not only will you learn how to speak, read and write - you will also gain a better understanding of the country's beautiful history and culture.

Special Interests

Corporate Programs

All the Language Instructors at the San Jose Learning Center offer On-Site Company Lessons. If your company would like a group of employees or staff members to learn a specific language (including English), we can send our instructor to your location. Your company may request the days, times and program length.

Enroll in more than 1 class, Get 10% off!

To take advantage of this deal, simply sign up for more than 2 classes (via mail, online or phone) and mention the 10% off discount. We'll get you registered at the discounted rate via phone or in person. Please note that there is a maximum capacity of 10 students so sign up soon!

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